To inspire and express the unique character of driven individuals in pursuit of their passion.

We believe that character matters and we are committed to this value by building community partnerships with our Giveback component on each collaborative collection. Each collection will donate proceeds to charitable organizations and programs that benefit underserved youth and communities. We aim to inspire and engage with youth on how to pursue one's passion through mental fortitude and action.




FIO was born as a motto during a summer of Crossfit Games training. The idea was that, no matter what Coach (or Dave Castro) threw your way, you had to be an athlete, rely on your training, and figure out how to get the task done. Subsequently, as unforeseen challenges arose and the stakes were even higher, this motto rang true even more. FIO is about choosing to be in complete control of how you respond to your circumstances, regardless of what is thrown at you.

When you're in a place that is uncomfortable, foreign or seems insurmountable, do not let your circumstances control your destiny. Figure it out. Choose the FIO attitude. Gather your troops, combine your resources, wipe your tears, pull yourself up and commit to press on to find solutions and succeed, no matter what. The Figure it Out attitude is about deciding to take control of what you can and letting go of what you can’t so that faced with anything, with this attitude, you will not only survive but will grow, learn and thrive. 

I’m honored to partner with Character Apparel and I look forward sharing the Figure It Out line with you. 
-Kelli Holm


It all starts with a mindset and the commitment to take ownership of your journey. We believe greatness can be achieved by anyone whose faith in the process is greater than their fear. We are a lifestyle apparel line that is inspired by those who share the principles of positivity, hard work and mental fortitude. We support those whose life reflects passion and drive; the passion and drive that is uniquely all you. We represent individuals who are committed to improving themselves every day at every opportunity; who remain grateful, humble, disciplined and non-complacent.

We are a movement that trusts to act on our purpose, passion and beliefs, transcending limitations and challenges to ultimately foster growth and character that is extraordinary.

We are a collective of artists bringing you a collaboration of street and athletic wear that embodies your unique character.

Thank you for your support and allowing us to be part of your journey. We look forward to sharing our future dreams as we establish our collective and brand name. 

Established in Minnesota, USA 2019.